Lighting design ideas for Seton Hill's production of the Tempest.


lighting areas

The Tempest Lighting Areas

Still a work in progress as we might need more areas depending on specials.


color palette

Looking at the palette breakup from an image of the aurora borealis I was able to pull some colors for the lighting palette. I want to pull some of the light blues and ambers that you see in the image. I also had looked at other images and pulled some light purples and light greens (the green comes from the flair off of the aurora).

fiberoptic lighting

inspirational images

These are some images I came across that inspired me not only for imagery but for the colors and textures within the artwork as well.

William Turner- the Slave Ship
William Turner- A storm
William Turner- the Shipwreck
William Turner
Willaim Turner
William Turner- The fishermen at Sea